Frequently asked questions

We have answered your frequently asked questions and answers about our premium virgin Indian hair. These answers are intended for OUR premium quality virgin Indian hair and may not apply to OUTSIDE purchases. Keep in mind just because the package says 100% human Remy or Indian virgin hair, does not mean it is actually is.
A: [It is best to use a low PH shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner then a leave-in conditioner.]
A: [Our premium quality virgin Indian hair can last anywhere between 9 months to a year depending on how well you maintain it.]
A: [Yes it is premium quality virgin Indian hair it'S recommended. You might NOT be able to color hair that is not virgin but Nayas indian VIRGIN hair no problem.]
A: [Wefts are the track that the hair is bonded to. This type of weft is widely used for weaving. It is sewn into a track ready for the weaving process. This weft can be cut into any desired lengths]
A: [Hand tied wefts are made by hand. The weft is very thin and undetectable which creates less thickness than a machine weft. Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut. They come in pre-cut sections and must be sewn in by folding the weft along the braids.]
A: [Yes, styling our premium virgin Indian hair is just like styling your own hair. our hair holds it styles better than others.]